Written July 2004

Numerous and Nureyev are members of the GOODY TWO SHOES (5) family. 

Broodmares by Tate Gallery, Sadler’s Wells, Fairy King, Yeats, Geiger Counter, Open Day, Marooned, Perugino, Fraar and granddaughters of Thatching, through Tirol, Archway, Rustic Amber and Shalford all create further linebreeding to GOODY TWO SHOES.  Using broodmares with other GOODY TWO SHOES family members such as Ridan, Lt. Stevens, Windsor Slipper, Lorenzaccio, Thatch, Val de Loir, Cutlass and Fox Myth should further enhance the chances of positive inheritance.

Nijinsky II is a member of the very influential TORPENHOW (8) family and would benefit from the addition of other members Ruler, Masterclass, New Regent, Spinning World, El Gran Senor, Try My Best, Far North, The Minstrel, Umatilla, Xaar, Hurricane Sky, Free America, Dr Johnson, Redoute’s Choice and Friendly Relations.

Nijinsky II appears through a daughter in Numerous Times.  Mares carrying sons of Nijinsky II are desirable.

The SCHIAPARELLI (8) family has Sassafras as its representative.  Last Tycoon, Celtic Swing, King’s Lake, Dogger Bank, Roi Dagobert, Irish Ball, Bikala, Assert and Masthead will reinforce this line.

Mr Prospector works very well with Danzig.

The duplication of Northern Dancer will appreciate the presence of Star Kingdom in mares.  Bletchingly is especially appealing.

Round Table (found in Haulpak and Sir Tristram) works well with Forli, who is duplicated in Numerous Times.

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