Domesday is from the BEST IN SHOW branch of the TORPENHOW family. This is also the family of REDOUTE’S CHOICE, EL GRAN SENOR, GIELGUD, XAAR, MASTERCLASS, THE MINSTREL, TRY MY BEST (sire of LAST TYCOON), HURRICANE SKY and UMATILLA.  Their daughters and granddaughters will create highly desirable line breeding to this family.  For instance, his Gr 2 winner ARCADIA DREAM is out of a REDOUTE’S CHOICE mare and Gr 2 winner DOMESKY is out of a MASTERCLASS mare.

Overall, Red Ransom and his sire-sons have had great success with Northern Dancer line mares. High achievers have been NIJINSKY II and his 3/4 brother THE MINSTREL (whose daughter appears in Domesday’s damsire). Mares by ROYAL ACADEMY, YEATS, WHISKEY ROAD, SERHEED, CAERLEON, WESTERN SYMPHONY, PALACE MUSIC, MASTERCLASS, PETERHOF and NATURALISM will provide these individuals.

PALACE MUSIC, a son of The Minstrel (see above), is especially desirable for Domesday as he sex balances the daughter of The Minstrel in Domesday’s damsire Zafonic’s pedigree.  As mentioned above, Gr 2 winner DOMESKY carries a line to The Minstrel in his dam via MASTERCLASS. In addition, Palace Music is also from the family of Mr. Trouble, who appears on Domesdays’ sixth remove.

Of the Northern Dancer line, Domesday is doing best with descendants of DANZIG.  Of his 31 stakes performers at time of writing, 16 were from Danzig line mares.

Mares by BLETCHINGLY and his sons such as CANNY LAD, BEST WESTERN, COSSACK WARRIOR and KENNY’S BEST PAL will create the same cross as Red Ransom’s Group One winner CHARGE FORWARD.

Domesday has had success with SIR TRISTRAM line mares, which sex balance Sir Ivor (his third damsire) for Domesday.  His top class son PRESSDAY is out of a mare by KAAPTIVE EDITION and Gr 3 winner DIVORCES is out of an OCTAGONAL mare. Other descendants include LONHRO, DENMAN, GROSVENOR, MARAUDING, ZABEEL and son SAVABEEL.

Domesday’s damsire Zafonic is by Gone West, a member of the ALOPE family. This is also the family of TALE OF THE CAT, DEEP IMPACT, JOHANNESBURG, ROUND TABLE (damsire of SIR TRISTRAM), DOUTELLE, KNOWN FACT, FOXLAW, ALCIDE, ATAN, ABOVE SUSPICION and SONG OF TARA.

Red Ransom’s triple Group One winner ELECTROCUTIONIST is out of an ARAZI mare.  Arazi is a son of BLUSHING GROOM, who is also available via QUEST FOR FAME, SPECTRUM, REDDING, NOVERRE, NASSIPOUR and FANTASTIC LIGHT mares. Domesday’s Gr 3 winner ANTELUCAN is out of a FANTASTIC LIGHT mare.

Having Storm Bird as second damsire, Domesday will make an interesting cross for STORM BIRD sire line broodmares, thereby creating a sex balanced duplication.  Damsires such as BLUEBIRD, LAKE CONISTON, DOLPHIN STREET, TALE OF THE CAT, MUKADDAMAH, HENNESSY, JOHANNESBURG, BLACK MINNALOUSHE, CATRAIL and VAN NISTELROOY are examples. He has already shown success with this sire line in producing stakes performer, TEARS IN HEAVEN out of a mare by DOLPHIN STREET.

Red Ransom traces on tail female line to DEMOCRATIE. This is also the family of SHOWDOWN,   who can be sourced through ZEDITAVE (and his sons STRATEGIC and MAGIC ALBERT).

With only two lines to Northern Dancer to represent the prolific ALMAHMOUD family, Domesday welcomes mares carrying ALMAHMOUD descendants such as DANEHILL, HALO (grandsire of MORE THAN READY), ORPEN, WAY OF LIGHT, MACHIAVELLIAN (sire of MEDAGLIA D’ORO, STREET CRY, VETTORI and NO EXCUSE NEEDED), EXIT TO NOWHERE, CANNONADE, CATRAIL, EL MOXIE, YOUTHFUL LEGS, L’EMIGRANT and ARCTIC TERN. Domesday’s Gr 1 winner DOCTOR DOOM is out of an ORPEN mare.

Written April 2017


  1. John Ryan says:

    I suspect Red Ransom’s affinity to northern dancer has a lot to do with Nearctic’s daughter, Christmas Wind. Genetic articles have linked the spread of the speed gene through the breed via Nearctic to Northern Dancer. Christmas Wind provides a rare sex balanced line breeding for Nearctic. Christmas wind’s pedigree reveals a complex mix of linebreeding to Phalaris, Scapa flow, Gainsborough, and Selene. Northern Dancer’s dam Natalma brings in added lines of Phalaris and Selene through Sickle down her Sire Line and Gainsborough through Mahmoud.

    • Hi John, I absolutely agree with you re Christmas Wind’s role in Red Ransom’s affinity with Northern Dancer. As you say, she is a rare daughter of Nearctic in a stallion’s pedigree and brings a cluster of common ancestors to further underline Northern Dancer’s prepotency in matings.

  2. Bill Johnston says:

    Hi Jane, If a mare was sired by Domesday, would the above commentary be reciprocal.

    • Hi Bill, not necessarily. Some elements work better in the sire position and others through the damsire, but most of the assets mentioned should work in reverse positions.

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