About Jane

Jane’s occupation asRuby Jane sml 14 a pedigree analyst evolved from a love of horses, a fascination with pedigrees and a work background in the Thoroughbred racing industry.

She first started planning matings professionally in 1987. The statistics arising from the first three years’ matings planned for a client with three stallions and seventy mares in New Zealand, were well above the accepted norm for a sire (and also well above the subsequent averages for these stallions).

With these encouraging results Jane relocated to England to further her knowledge and worked there with a pedigree research bureau for two years, where she had the opportunity to update and expand her ideas by meeting and working with established pedigree analysts.

After returning to Australia, Jane started Pedigree Dynamics, which became a full time operation about 30 years ago.

As the success of the planned matings accumulated, she found that she was also being asked to source bloodstock which met with all the criteria important for success, including mare suitability to clients’ stallion holdings and vice versa. A lifetime of hands-on experience with horses as a (briefly professional) rider, serial horse owner and breeder has given Jane a practiced eye for a horse.

Several trips to South America and other racing countries resulted in the establishment of valuable contacts overseas, which saw the bloodstock acquisition area of the business develop.

Jane was also the CEO of the NSW Racehorse Owners’ Association for five years, helping to promote ownership and the rights of owners in the industry.

Jane is a keen racegoer, breeder and is a regular in both the winners’ and the losers’ rooms at race meetings throughout the year.